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Project-based group learning

Our University Prep High School Academy for students in 9th through 12th grades is designed for students who want to be ready to apply directly to a 4-year university, state college or community college after graduation. Developed from the EDGE (Educating Differently in a Global Environment) Pilot Program.

As part of this program, all incoming freshman will focus on building the skills necessary to be successful in an independent learning environment. At the end of 9th grade, students will continue with University Prep (EDGE) Academy or have the option to transition to the Independent Study High School Academy.


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Students work both individually and in groups to learn by doing projects that are created based on students’ interests. Each individual receives support from their peers and a team of teachers. Teachers and students stay in touch through regular get-togethers and via technology. Plus, there are labs, group meetings, field trips, and more.

Because these students learn in groups and individually by doing projects, they develop strong communication, presentation, organization, time-management, research, self-awareness, and reflection skills.


Photo of a student with a UC Davis sweatshirt

In addition to preparing students for college-level work, this program gives students direct access to university resources. Through partnerships with local universities like Cal State University Sacramento and UC Davis, Visions students learn what college is like. Through programs like STEM and visits to local university campuses, each student has an opportunity to interact with college students for tutoring and to explore their post-high school options.


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Academic success at the college level requires students to have a high level of technology skills. To help students learn to work to the best of their potential, each student is provided with an internet-enabled laptop computer — this year it is a Google Chromebook. Projects are completed with the help of a variety of online tools such as Google Apps, Skype, Gradpoint, Google Earth, Prezi, and more. Teachers and students also communicate throughout the day using email, text, video-calls, and phone.

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If you are a high school student who wants to be ready to apply to a 4-year school after graduation, fill out the contact form to the right and we'll send you more information and tell you how you can apply.

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