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In addition to our K-8 Home School, Visions offers three high school options: Independent Study, University Prep, and Home School.

Independent Study High School

If you are a 9th through 12th grade student who wants a flexible alternative that combines the support of a teacher with your desire to work towards graduation, community college, vocational school, or other goals, our Independent Study High School might be for you. Our flexible schedule allows you to work, pursue your passion, or be more involved with family matters or community. Learn More

University Prep High School (EDGE)

In the University Prep High school, 9th through 12th grade students are led by experienced teachers who guide students to work individually and in groups. Students complete personalized projects leveraging technology and in-person meetings to achieve success in a standards-based curriculum. This program is designed for students who want to go directly to a 4-year university, state college or community college after graduation. Learn More

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Home School High School

For families who want maximum control of their student's education, the Home School High School Program may be the best choice. In addition to parent-led lessons with support from Visions' credentialed teachers, take advantage of community college classes, tutoring programs, and more all paid for from your student budget. Learn More

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