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In the K-12 Home School Program, parents or guardians take a more active role in their students' education by providing the primary delivery of academic instruction in the home. Credentialed teachers work with families to ensure curriculum meets California State Content Standards and to assess student achievement. Credentialed teachers help parents and students take advantage of a flexible instructional program, curriculum, enrichment services, and resources to enhance their home schooling experience.

Looking for one of our 800+ Curriculum and Service Vendors? See all of our current product, service and enrichment choices here.

Families commit to providing at least four to six hours of in-home instruction daily and Visions provides:

  • A credentialed teacher who helps ensure curriculum meets California standards (M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm), assesses student achievement, and administers state-mandated testing. Listen to one of our home school teachers talk about why she chose to teach at Visions.
  • Parental Choice:
    • A flexible spending account (up to $1,700 for the school year) to use for a student's personalized learning plan;
    • Curriculum selection and enrichment services (over 800 vendors);
    • Enrichment activities such as tutoring, lessons, classes, music, field trips, and more. (See all of our current product, service and enrichment choices here);
    • Access to Visions' computer system which allows parents to track curriculum funds, grades, attendance, take online tests and quizzes, participate in Visions' online community and more;
    • A wide variety of courses to choose from Visions' K-12 Home School catalog;
    • Community college courses with approval from a Visions counselor;
    • Vocational apprenticeships through the California Apprenticeship Program;
    • Activities with other home school students and families.
  • University preparatory programs.
  • Technical education and regional occupation programs (ROP).
  • Support services including academic and career planning.

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