Audrey L. Wins 2018 Spelling Bee

Each year, Visions holds a spelling bee for home school students in grades 2 through 8. This is a great opportunity for students to hone their spelling skills and practice their public speaking.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, 6th grader Audrey L.! She powered through 26 rounds of words and was crowned number one. Fun fact: Audrey won third place in last year’s spelling bee. We’re so proud of her progress!

Next she will move on to the California Central Valley Spelling Bee’s written test. The 50-60 best spellers that complete the test will be invited to the regional oral competition for a chance to secure a place in the final Scripps National Spelling Bee held in Maryland.

Spelling Bee Buzz

8th grader Tabitha K. was our runner up. She had placed second in last year’s bee. Visit our Facebook page to see all the photos from the event!

Overall, 18 students participated in the 2018 spelling bee. They all did a wonderful job and supported each other during each round. #VisionsProud