BookShark Added to our Home School Online Ordering System

Visions In Education is continually looking for ways to improve our services for families and students. This month we added a new partner vendor to our online ordering system.

Our Home School families can now order from BookShark! BookShark offers complete home school curriculum packages that include history, language arts, science, math, spelling and handwriting lessons.

BookShark offers Visions students free shipping on orders over $25, discounts for families that order full packages, instructor guides and more. Take a look at their offerings at

Our partnerships with curriculum vendors ensure that our students receive all materials and services faster than any other school in our region. Unlike many charter schools, our families are able to manage their own budgets, choose from thousands of curriculum options, and place orders 24/7 using this online ordering system.

Our other online ordering partners include:

MBS DirectTextbookXLakeshore LearningStaples, Rainbow Resource Center and Amazon.