California State Assembly Awards Visions with Recognition

Last month, Visions In Education and our Executive Director, Jody Graf, were honored with the Educational Leadership Recognition at the Russian-Speaking Community Partners Capitol Reception.

This reception is organized by the Russian American Media and the Council for Cross Cultural Affairs and it is held to strengthen the relationship between the Slavic community and local government. Visions was one of ten community partners honored at the reception for our work with Russian-speaking students and families.

Jody was presented a Special Recognition Certificate issued by the California State Assembly. Some of our English Learner (EL) staff attended the reception to celebrate this accomplishment including 9-12 Academy Administrator Saideh Malekafzali and teachers Sandra Fleischmann, Joanna Lasalle, Aleksey Sharipov and Gregg Moses.

“I would like to celebrate our teachers and the great work they do to support all of our students,” said Saideh. “It was wonderful to be one of the recipients of the award from the Russian American community. It showed that the good work of our teachers and our organization was shining enough to be chosen among many schools who also serve this population and the community.”

We’re proud to work with the Russian-speaking community to provide access to personalized education opportunities. View photos from the event on our Facebook and on the Russian American Media’s Facebook page.