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Visions In Education

We offer a safe environment that’s free of outside pressures and stress like bullying and peer drama.

You deserve an opportunity to succeed just like everyone else.

Visions is 100% Free

Just like public schools, Visions is funded by tax dollars. In addition to our tuition-free education, we also offer financial incentives for each of our academies. Some of these benefits include:

  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Free Chromebook
  • Money for enrichment activities and directed projects
  • Free events & activities
  • Free tutoring

Which Academy is right for you?

At Visions, we understand that every student’s learning style is different. That’s why we’re proud to offer three distinct academy programs that work for all types of student needs and goals.

Independent Study

This program provides high school students with a flexible schedule, 1:1 teacher support and online curriculum. Supports students planning to attend community college or join the workforce after graduation.

University Prep

This program provides high school students with online honors classes, 1:1 teacher support and a flexible schedule. Supports students planning to attend a four year college or university after graduation.

Home School

This program allows parents to educate their TK-12 students at home in a safe environment. Supports families that want to choose their curriculum and provide instruction with the help of a teacher.

How is Visions Different?

We are a public school with perks! We offer tons of extra benefits to our students and families that aren’t available elsewhere. See how we compare to other charter and private schools.

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