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At Visions, it’s personal. We know many teens need support and a safe learning environment to succeed and grow. Our students learn from the safety of home and receive customized support based on their needs. We offer a flexible schedule that allows students time to focus on their well-being, work a part-time job and attend community college. 

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Our students learn from home so they are able to escape the drama of traditional public high schools. Independent study allows students to build their self-esteem while receiving a quality education.

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Our students work at their own pace and on their own time. This allows them the flexibility to have a part-time job, focus on their mental health, help family, participate in student clubs and attend community college.

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Personalized Support

Our teachers are assigned a small group of students, allowing them to focus on each individual’s needs. We also offer fully staffed counseling, social work and special education teams to help students thrive.

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Our Students Love Visions

Our students enjoy their high school experience and graduate ready to take on life. See more Success Stories here.

“What drove me to switch to Visions was the flexibility. I can better flex with my other commitments and create a balanced routine to be able to achieve my goals. I love the school and the many ways I can get involved.”

“It was a really cool experience. The teachers here really help and support you to get you where you want to be.”

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“If you are struggling or aren’t happy because you feel lost or bullied in [traditional] public school and if you are willing to do the work to be successful, then you should definitely give [Visions] a try.”

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