Graduate Spotlights

Former Teen Parent Excels

Itati Martin found Visions In Education out of necessity. She was preparing to enter her junior year of high school and learned she was pregnant.

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Ph.D. Student Works with Robots

Chris Taylor wanted the freedom to manage his own schedule and the ability to focus on learning subjects that interested him. The typical public school model didn’t fit his interests or aspirations.

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Student Finds Her Voice at Visions

Julianne Silla moved from the Bay Area and found that the local public schools were not a good fit. She needed flexibility and Visions’ mission, values and morals matched hers so she enrolled!

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Visions Helped Student Escape Bullying

Angel Gonzales needed a change. She was struggling with bullying in her public school and life at home wasn’t easy. Despite all of these challenges she was determined to not let her circumstances affect her future.

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