Visions is Now Partnered with Outschool

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Outschool to offer more resources to our home school students and parents. Outschool has over 1,000 online, small-group classes offered by hundreds of teachers for homeschoolers who love learning and want to personalize their education.

Services include supplemental activities for core academics, short exploratory classes, semester-long courses and more for grades K-12. Home school students interact with the teacher and other learners live over video chat for a social experience. Currently over 20,000 families use Outschool and we’re proud to offer these services to our students as well.

Benefits of Using Outschool

  • Enhance teaching of core subjects
  • Enrich learning by choosing classes on unique subjects
  • Accelerate learning by covering topics ahead of the student’s current grade level

Visions home school families can use a portion of their student budget to purchase Outschool classes and other services from our 1,200+ enrichment vendors. For the 2017/18 school year TK-8 home school students receive $2,600 and 9-12 home school students receive $2,800.

Learn more about our partnership on Outschool’s blog and check out this THE Journal article.