Visions Partners with Public Agencies to Offer Students Enrichment Services

Visions In Education is delighted to partner with local public agencies to continue to provide quality and enjoyable enrichment services to our home school students. These government-run, community-based organizations successfully provide enjoyable, reliable and safe locations for children to learn. They have proven track records of delivering great services to their communities and many have great facilities, both indoor and outdoor, to serve our students.

Our partnership with public agencies provides the following benefits to our students and families:

  • Quality services
  • Safe facilities
  • Multiple locations
  • Diverse class offerings

Visions is currently partnered with the following public agencies:

We are continuing to reach out and partner with new agencies all the time, interested public agencies are invited to email or take a look at our Become an Enrichment Vendor page for more information.

“Working with Visions is a simple process. Payments are prompt, the process is simple. What keeps us an active part of this team, is the youth enrolled with Visions. Public agencies offer some of the best programming there is. I work with the youth and our programs every day, and I can say, seeing the positive impact our programs can make, everyone needs the opportunity to participate.” Amy Gregory, City of Lincoln Parks & Recreation