Independent Study

For 9th through 12th grade students that want a flexible alternative educational option, Visions In Education offers you the chance to graduate while pursuing what interests you and prepare you for the world of career and/or college!

As part of this program, all incoming freshman will focus on building the skills necessary to be successful students in an independent learning environment. At the end of 9th grade, students may continue with the Independent Study High School Academy or have the option transition to the University Prep (EDGE) Academy.

  • 100% Free alternative Education.
  • Flexible schedule so you can work, pursue your passion, be more involved with family matters or your community.
  • One-on-one relationship with a credentialed teacher.
  • Your teacher comes to you, meeting at nearby locations such as a community center, library or coffee shop.
  • Personalized education plan to achieve your goals, graduate, and get ready for college or vocational training.
  • Secure learning, free from negative distractions and social pressures.
  • Free computer while enrolled.
  • Access to a wide variety of electives and credit recovery options (See all courses).
  • Access to community college courses.
  • Technical training through ROP and vocational apprenticeships.
  • Support services including academic and career planning.

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