Leveraging Technology For Our Students

Visions In Education is proud to provide, and create, innovative technology systems to help our students and staff succeed. Our school mission is to prepare each student to succeed in a rapidly changing world and we know that technology is an integral piece of this mission. Developed and refined for over a decade, our LPAD Student Support System™ seamlessly integrates all technologies into one easy-to-use platform.

Visions Is Powered By Technology

Here’s just a few of the ways technology supports our school:

  • Independent Study, University Prep, and Online Middle School students receive a free Chromebook so they can learn online using SchoolsPLP, an “accredited online educational ecosystem”.
  • Home School parents order their curriculum online. To make this process easy we created our very own online ordering system that streamlines ordering into an “Amazon-like” experience. In 2022 we reached the milestone of 1,000,000 orders placed!
  • Student data is uploaded and tracked in School Pathways.
  • News and policies are shared on our WordPress powered intranet, the Wire.
  • New student applications are submitted in RegOnline, a system powered by School Pathways.

Read more about our successful technology projects here on our Case Studies page.

15 years of Best Practices Developed into a Single System 

As you can see we use many different applications. To make managing these applications easier we integrated them all into our LPAD Student Support System™ (LPAD SSS). This system integrates all of our technologies and simplifies the user experience. Using one secure username and password, students, families and staff are able to access all of their applications in one place. LPAD SSS™ increases speed and efficiency of work, improves accountability and oversight, optimizes independent study programs and serves as a one-stop-shop for students and staff. All versions of the software code have been copy written and the name of the software has been trademarked. This IP protects Visions significant investment in the system going back to 2011.

Integration Management

Student Ordering

Vendor Management

Invoice Management

Event Management

Communication Management 

Asset Management

User Management

Enrollment Management 

Featured Application - Student Ordering

Visions serves over 7,000 students which means managing ordering is a huge task. For the past 25 years we’ve been refining our processes and systems to make ordering efficient and easy for families and staff. In addition we’ve partnered with major curriculum and supply vendors to create custom integrations in our systems. Partners include Amazon, StaplesBookshark, Lakeshore Learning and Rainbow Resource Center.

Unlike many schools, our online ordering system allows our parents to manage student budgets and create orders 24 hours a day – every day. These systems ensure our students receive all of their materials and services faster than any other charter school in the region.

See these case studies to learn more about our partnerships with Amazon and Staples.

Video Tour

Watch this video tour to see LPAD SSSin action! This video illustrates the parent’s view and specific features of the easy to use ordering system.

LPAD SSS– More Than Just Ordering

As listed above the LPAD Student Support Systemincludes many other features as well. It serves as a customer relationship management system for enrollment teams. It includes capabilities to send emails, pop-up notifications and text messages to large groups of students and staff. Families are able to order services and register for events right within their LPAD accounts. We are always improving these systems and adding new functionality to continually improve the experience for our students, families and staff.

Interested in learning how we’ve improved our operational effectiveness? Email LaunchpadSSS@viedu.org for more information!