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About Visions

We provide a flexible and personalized education

Northern California’s Leading
Online High School and
TK-8 Home School Provider

We are a tuition-free public school that supports personalized learning in public education. We provide a high-quality standards-based education to Home School families (TK-8) and Online Independent Study High School students (9-12), including our Online University Prep High School program. We now serve nearly 7,000 students across our nine-county service area, making us one of the largest and most stable charter schools in the Sacramento Valley region. After over 20 years, you can be confident that we will help your child succeed!

Group Of High School Students Celebrating Graduation

Our Teachers Meet With You

Our credentialed teachers meet with you in your home or community anywhere in the nine Northern California counties we serve, and they personalize your educational plan to help you graduate and succeed as they have for thousands of other Visions In Education students.

Fully Accredited

We are a fully accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and proud members of several leading educational and professional associations which set high standards and keep us accountable to best practices.

1:1 relationship with teacher

Academic & personal support

Flexible & personalized

Credentialed teachers come to you

FREE Resources and Support Services

That is correct – Visions In Education is completely free!  Plus, for each of our three programs, we provide resources our students can use in pursuit of their educational goals.

Visions, like all public schools, is funded by tax dollars. Our school gives you more flexibility than a traditional public school in how we spend these dollars. So, we invest in things like:

  • Online learning systems.
  • One-on-one teacher/student interaction.
  • Credentialed teachers who come to you.
  • 24/7 access to the most up-to-date educational technology.
  • Flexibility in choosing curriculum; flexibility when and where you learn.
  • Academic and personal support services.
  • Additional resources like advanced classes via community colleges.
We personalize your educational plan to help you succeed!

The Visions Advantage

Visions In Education is a tuition-free public school that provides you maximum flexibility in your education. We provide you with a one-on-one relationship with a teacher who cares about you and your success, and tools to succeed like cutting edge technology, curriculum that meets state standards, and a wide variety of other educational and enrichment resources.

  • Unlike private schools, we are a tuition-FREE school, providing you with all the materials and services needed to succeed.
  • You choose when to study, unlike most schools with set schedules.
  • Our teachers come to you, unlike traditional public and most other charter schools.
  • Your educational plan is flexible and personalized, while traditional and private schools usually have one-size-fits-all.
  • Unlike most schools with large class sizes, we provide a one-on-one relationship with your teacher.
  • We provide a safe, student focused learning alternative.
  • Online learning system available for high school students.

Success Stories

“If you are struggling or aren’t happy because you feel lost or bullied in public school and if you are willing to do the work to be successful, then you should definitely give [Visions] a try.”

Male student smiling at the camera holding a guitar

“What drove me to switch to Visions In Education was the flexibility. I can better flex with my other commitments and create a balanced routine to be able to achieve my goals. I love the school and the many ways I can get involved.”

“Just graduated last year from Visions. I had an amazing experience and don’t think I could’ve done it without Visions! If you’re thinking about joining this school, DO IT!”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

“Visions In Education is an excellent option for those who struggle in the traditional school setting. We never thought that our son would take the initiative that he’s taking to finish his assignments. He also receives more one-on-one time with his teacher than he ever did at his other high school. Considering Visions? It’s worth checking out!”  Read more reviews on GreatSchools.

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“Visions was amazing at being accommodating and helping me succeed in spite of obstacles. They really created an environment where I could thrive.”

Valedictorian succeeds in home school program at Visions

“I loved Visions. I took all four years of high school from home because of Visions. They provided me with a laptop so I was able to work easily. I had a great teacher who helped me out by teaching me life skills.” Read more reviews on Niche.

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“Two of my girls graduated from here. Their teacher is still in their lives as adults. Great school and great staff!”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

“It has been a great experience being a student at Visions, and I would have enrolled as soon as I discovered them if I had known about them earlier. I was particularly impressed with how welcoming and helpful they were, which was vital to my success as a recent immigrant.”

Picture of Daria Avtukh

“Visions is really the best of both worlds because you get the guidance of a credentialed teacher, the funds to tailor your child’s education to their interests, and the flexibility of a home school schedule. Your teacher is just there to bounce off ideas, help with resources, help with curriculum, and make sure your child is on track with CA guidelines for grade level.”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

“It was a really cool experience. The teachers here really help and support you to get you where you want to be.”

Student playing soccer with text that reads Student Spotlight

“This school becomes family, with excellent teachers and staff always willing to help in anyway needed. We love this school.”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

“This is an awesome school my daughter is self motivated and completed her high school with Visions.  She loved Visions because she was focused and she was able to go to junior college at the same time.”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

“I loved Visions. The teachers were always there to support, teach, and work with students to succeed. My teachers took the time to get to know me and took a real interest in helping me grow; completely different experience from when I was in [traditional] public school.” Read more reviews on Niche.

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“I greatly enjoyed my self-directed education with so many resources available to me. The budget money that students receive helps make education fun by allowing us to participate in many enrichment classes, and Visions’ reputation of academic rigor made it a great choice!”

Smiling Home School student in UCLA Bruins shirt

“Been with them 8 years, each year is better than the last. They give you as much support as you need and want. Both my kids are extremely happy with their education and freedom of learning. Our teacher has had our kids since kinder and knows them so well. Even this many years later we are happy with Visions and all they offer our kids, no other charter compares.” Read more reviews on Google.

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“For me, doing independent study is super beneficial. I love getting to do schoolwork around my schedule so that I can do the things that I enjoy but also still get school done.”

Visions’ Independent Study online high school program provided Isabella a flexible learning plan that took her personal interests into account.

“I was a student with Visions and graduated in 2003. Now I want to put my son in Independent Study at Visions, because I really liked the program.”

Visions In Education online high school and home school star logo. Large yellow logo with small blue logo.

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