University Prep

Our University Prep High School Academy is for students in 9th through 12th grades who want to be ready to apply to a four-year university, state college or community college after high school graduation.


Students work in groups to learn by doing projects that are based upon the students’ unique interests. Each individual receives support from their peers and a team of teachers through various types of meetings. The students develop strong communication, presentation, organization, time-management, research, self-awareness, and reflection skills from the University Prep model of learning in groups and doing individual projects.


Students in this program are provided opportunities to research local universities like Cal State University Sacramento and UC Davis. Through field trips, our students learn what college is like. In addition, mentoring programs like STEM and visits to local university campuses, each student has an opportunity to interact with college students for tutoring and to explore their post-high school options.


Academic success at the college level requires students to have a high level of technology skills. To help students reach their potential, each student is provided with an Acer Chromebook while enrolled. Projects are completed with the help of a variety of online tools such as Google Apps, Gradpoint Online Learning Management System, and more. In addition, teachers and students stay connected by way of face to face, phone, text, video-calls, and email.  Read more about how our partnership with Pearson has improved student-teacher relationships.

Limitations end here. Success lies ahead!