Transcript Requests

Graduates and former students may request official or unofficial transcripts from Visions In Education by completing this Transcript Request Form.

This form and identification can be emailed to or faxed to 916-573-4199.

Transcript Request Instructions

  1. Enter your/your student’s Student Number and the Date in the top right of the form.
  2. Indicate whether you/your student requires an Official Transcript or Unofficial Transcript by checking the appropriate box. Please also indicate the number of copies you/your student requires.
    • Note: Official Transcript requests/Transcripts prior to the 16/17 school year require 3 to 5 days to process.
  3. For the student requesting a transcript, please enter:
    • Student Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Any other name used in High School
    • Requested by (person filling out the form) 
    • Relationship to student
    • Day Phone Number
    • Work Phone Number
    • Mail Transcript To: (Address you would like the transcript mailed to)
  4. In the Reason for Request section, please indicate the reason you require a copy of student transcripts:
    • College(please print the name of the college)
    • Transfer to a new school (please print the name of the new school)
    • Adult Ed. (please print the name of the school)
    • Technical School (please print the name of the school)
    • Military Service
    • For Present School of Attendance, enter Visions In Education
  5. Attach a copy of a valid driver’s license/military I.D. to this request when completed.
    • Minors under sixteen years of age must attach a parent I.D.
  6. Submit this form/identification copies to:
    • Email:
    • Fax: 916-573-4199

Updated: August 26, 2022