Congratulations Class of 2022 Summer Grads!

At an intimate ceremony in Carmichael, Visions In Education proudly celebrated our final Class of 2022 graduates as part of our Summer Graduation ceremony! This marks the first summer ceremony we’ve had in person since 2019 and the final graduation ceremony of the 21/22 school year.

“Each hurdle cleared and challenge met spurs growth and belief and confidence in your ability to overcome,” said Dr. Steve Olmos in his opening remarks to the grads and their families. “There is also an opportunity for empathy, caring and service to others and sometimes, to be surprised by your own capacities and capabilities.”

Tons of family and friends gathered to celebrate the twenty graduates of the summer Class of 2022. As it was a smaller ceremony, our graduates were given the opportunity to briefly address the crowd and offer their thoughts on graduation and their time in high school.

“The last three years my teacher, my principal and my family have all pushed me and given me the chance of a lifetime; chance after chance,” said Monty Hutchenson (Pictured above).

“I want to thank everyone who pushed me and would not let me give up on myself. Thank you for being my motivation when I had none and for being here today to celebrate with me!” 

“I want to take this time to thank my teacher, Mr. David Boughton, for supporting me these last three years,” said Anthony Mora (Pictured above).

“Thank you for giving me a chance and being patient with me; I also want to thank my family in the audience for helping to raise me and staying on this journey with me.”

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Scenes from Grad Night

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