High School Students Enjoy East Bay Sports Day

Sun. Laughter. Friends. Fun. Sports.

Picture this: Visions Bay Area high school students enjoying a sunny day at the park, playing sports and meeting new friends. This was the vibe at the East Bay sports day coordinated by teachers in Benicia.

Check out photos from the event HERE on Facebook!

A common misconception about independent study is that students don’t get opportunities to socialize and meet other students. The East Bay sports day was open to 9-12 students in all academies. It provided an awesome socialization and exercise opportunity to get Visions students together in their community. We’re proud of our teachers and administrators for organizing events that allow students to bond with each other and with their teachers and counselors.

Don’t miss out! The next sports day will be held in the spring! Special thanks to the East Bay teachers, administrators and counselors that organized this fun-filled day.