Math Revolution Inspires Parents and Students

53.8% of surveyed home school parents are optimistic about teaching math thanks to Math Revolution!

Last year, Visions created the Math Revolution program to help home school parents and students embrace mathematical thinking. Math has always been a difficult subject for students and parent educators and we wanted to help our families easily access new math tools and strategies.

The survey results are in and our revolution is a success!

  • Parent training webinars: 50.9% of teachers reported a positive mindset shift
  • Instructional strategies for teachers: 62.3% of teachers reported a positive mindset shift
  • Math resources on the Wire/Hub: 45.6% of teachers reported a positive mindset shift
  • Makerspace hands-on activities: 43.9% of teachers reported a positive mindset shift

Join the Revolution

For the 18/19 school year Math Revolution is adding even more learning resources including:

  • New math resources posted on the Wire/Home School Hub (our internal website for families and students).
  • More parent training webinars.
  • Additional teaching strategies, activities and classes.
  • Three new instructional videos for parents.
  • Interim assessment opportunities.
  • Makerspace hands-on activities at home school events.

Did You Know?

Math Revolution helped increase the school wide average of SBAC math by four points! #VisionsProud