Board Member Terrence Shelton, in a black jacket, white shirt, and red tie smiles, poses for a portrait photo.

Board of Directors Spotlight: Meet Terrence Shelton

Please share why you volunteer on the Board at Visions In Education.

Every student that walks across the stage to receive their diploma is a reminder of why I volunteer on this Board. Preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world is a pursuit that never ends. I am here to help create a learning environment that prepares people for these changes, and builds confidence for people to be an active part of those changes.

What is it about Visions that made you want to be part of our school community?

Before joining the Board, I’d heard nothing but great things about Visions. A trusted colleague of mine homeschooled her two children at Visions from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Although I didn’t know much about non-classroom based schools at the time, I was amazed at what and how her children were learning and at their student success. Many years later, another colleague told me about an opportunity to join the Board. Now, there were two people I highly regarded saying equally amazing things about the school. After doing my own research, I knew I had to be part of it.

How might you describe the difference that our teachers and staff are making by meeting the individual and unique needs of each student?

The people at Visions are all committed to student success. They know that this happens when you focus on not only the academics, but the social and wellbeing aspects of our students’ lives as well. Visions has programs that support the whole student.

What is one way that Visions is making a difference in our community from your perspective?

Visions is a leader in this space. We focus on student success, but we also stand in our value of integrity. We do things the right way and without cutting corners. A school leading the way like Visions shows what can be done and how it should be done, setting the example for other schools to follow and influencing policy in support of all students.

As a member of the Board, you have an important policy and oversight role to ensure the school is achieving its mission. How would you describe your role in holding Visions accountable for meeting our goals to a variety of stakeholders, including families, staff, and taxpayers?

Challenge, support, and advocate. Challenge the team to innovate, support the team on their decisions, and be an advocate for Visions in my network.

What are you most passionate about? How are you able to pursue that passion by serving on our Board?

I’m committed to fostering sustainable communities, particularly by empowering young individuals. My focus lies in enhancing the education system, fostering mentorship opportunities, and ensuring career readiness for youth. Joining the Visions Board perfectly aligns with these passions. Visions offers a pathway to equitable access to top-tier education, characterized by greater flexibility compared to traditional public schools.

Please share a bit about your background, family, and what you like to do in your spare time.

I am a proud husband and father of three. My family is the purpose for everything I do. We like spending family time watching movies, reading, and playing board games. I grew up in a single parent home and some of my best memories are made of moments like those, so I want to create similar moments for them.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Visions’ faculty and staff is truly amazing. Their commitment to our students and to each other is evident in every interaction. They empower the people who will change our future for the better and I stand in awe. I’m so proud to be part of this Board.