Congratulations To Our Steve Phelps Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Diana K., Karina K., and Arabella S. for receiving our 2024 Steve Phelps American Dream Scholarships! Every year, Visions honors the memory of teacher Steve Phelps with a scholarship in his name. Visions’ students going to a community college after high school are eligible to receive a $600 scholarship to the school of their choice.

This year’s winners wrote essays on people who inspired them, from family members who taught them work-ethic and discipline to lost friends whose passion for life still inspires them to this day. Read some excerpts from their essays below!

“My mom taught me a lot of things. One most important thing is to try your best. I get my inspiration from her and strive to be like her. It was her dream to go to college and pursue nursing. Even though she did have the chance to have her career she doesn’t regret the path she took and stuck to it even when times were hard and impossible. She is truly my hero.”

“Hannah had so much love and kindness towards others. Her belief in the power of love – this was one of the qualities that inspired me to carry on, to honor her memory in everything I do. I realized that the best way to keep her spirit alive was to live my life with the same passion and purpose that she did. Hannah’s compassion knew no bounds. She had a genuine love for humanity and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. Witnessing her kindness and selflessness every day inspired me to become a more empathetic and compassionate person.”

“My brother is two years older than me, and by all my calculations should have succumbed to the systems that we both appear to be in. What I admire most about Teddy is his undoubtful ability to trickle things down to the elementary. He’s most polar of me in that I need an idea and a goal in mind to drive my ambition. Remarkably, Teddy gauges this same ambition without the necessity for a schemed and devised plan. He effortlessly acknowledges his ability to achieve his goals as a pre-nursing major.”

Congratulations to our Steve Phelps American Dream Scholarship winners! We wish you all the best in college and thank you for helping us keep the memory of Steve Phelps alive.