Female board member poses with award, graphic includes "thank you" message and Visions star logo

Farewell Board of Directors Member Vanessa Belair!

As mentioned last month, Visions Board of Directors member Vanessa Belair ended her service on our Board of Directors last Thursday at our June 22nd meeting.

Member Belair has served Visions with distinction since July of 2021, offering her educator’s perspective on critical issues. She has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education; her insights, expertise, and tireless efforts have helped to shape policies and decisions that have positively impacted the lives of our students.

“I selfishly want to stay,” said Member Belair. “But I know it’s not best for the organization. I cannot wait to see the amazing things that will happen; thank you all so much. This has been a legitimately incredible experience.”

“[Member Belair’s] experience as a charter leader and a teacher has left an indelible mark on this organization,” said Board of Directors Chairperson Mark Holman. “This has been a critical time, and [her] wisdom and insight were of incredible value.”

While we are saddened by her departure, we wish Member Belair all the best and extend heartfelt thanks for her service, support, and dedication to Visions these past several years.

Visions board members and Superintendent pose in front of frame decorated wall to say goodbye to exiting female board member