A teenage boy, his grandmother and his mother stand in a row in different Visions In Education shirts and smile for the camera.

From Visions Parent to Visions Staff: A Spotlight on Office Staff Member Anita Bowers

In 1999, Anita Bowers enrolled her daughter Kathryn at Visions, its very first year as a school. A few months ago, Anita celebrated her grandson Noah, who received his high school diploma from Visions. In the 24 years in between, Anita took a job at Visions as a Business Analyst, seeing her work with the organization come full circle.

“My daughter did great in the Independent Study Academy and graduated in 2001,” shares Anita. “My grandson was struggling academically at his old school. His grades improved at Visions and he just graduated early at 17.”

As a mom and grandma of two Visions graduates, Anita has had the rare opportunity to see just how much her role at Visions impacts our families. A former Business Analyst for the Internal Data & Systems Services team, Anita assisted Counselors, Principals, Administrators and Directors with tracking student progress, testing and grades, and completed year-over-year analysis to show how Visions is growing and making progress as a school.

“I did reports each semester tracking assessment scores to report card grades so they [Principals and Directors] could see where there were disparities,” shares Anita. “I also did analysis for the LCAP and assisted with parent satisfaction surveys. It really made me appreciate what the school does for students and everything that goes into it to make it successful. I wish that all kids could have that experience.”

Now in her new role as a Business Analyst in the Fiscal Department, Anita is excited to be taking her next steps. Eventually wanting to step into a leadership role, she has been working on her own time to strengthen and expand her professional skill set. 

“I’ve been taking classes and webinars over the past two years,” shares Anita. “I completed and received a School Risk Management Certificate and a Charter Business Official course with CSDC. I figured I’d prepare myself if a [leadership] position ever opens up.”

Girl in blue Visions graduation cap and gown smiles for her official graduation photo.

Anita’s daughter, Kathryn’s, graduation photo!

Teenage boy with glasses sits on his bike and turns to smile at the camera.

Anita’s grandson, Noah, who graduated from Visions this past spring!

The Ultimate Project Manager

A DIY-er and home improvement queen, Anita is always working on some sort of project. At home, she and Kathryn are tearing out windows, redoing floors and painting bedrooms. At work, she’s creating systems to enhance Visions’ efficacy.

“One of the first projects I did when I got to Visions was tracking Principal budgets,” explains Anita. “I built a workbook, extracted data out of QSS and made each Principal a tab in the workbook where they could track their spending and balance. Now it’s an automated system in LPAD!”

Anita’s success at Visions can be attributed not only to her self-starter attitude, but to the culture, the leadership and the opportunities at the organization.

“Everybody is respectful and kind,” says Anita. “My manager, Soren, has always been very supportive, and Visions has moved me to advance in my career. I look forward to being with Visions for as long as I can and continuing to grow and learn.”

The Three Gs 

When she’s not at work, you can find Anita in her garden, on the golf course or watching the San Francisco Giants (or 49ers). She also has a motorcycle license, but no motorcycle – yet. Anita is now a Visions veteran, and after many years as both a parent and a professional, she has contributed to its success in more ways than one.

Fun Fact: Anita placed third in the state championship for the .22 smallbore rifle marksmanship competition in the California Cadet Corps in high school!