Over 250 Visions staff sits around multiple tables in a big community center room and smiles for a group photo.

Instruction Gets to Work at PLC Institute

Over 250 Visionaries gathered at the Citrus Heights Community Center to participate in the PLC at Work Institute hosted by Visions In Education. At this two day event, teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers and other instructional staff learned new strategies for delivering quality education to our students by working collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

The PLC Institute featured three outstanding speakers (pictured right) from Solution Tree who provided hands-on sessions tailored to meet the needs of our school. These speakers included Dr. Regina Stephens Owens (center), Taylor Barton (right) and Jayne Holck (left).

Over the past two years, almost every Visions teacher, counselor, and instructional Administrator has attended a PLC event as an opportunity to continue to unify Visions’ instructional processes and goals.

“This was my third time attending PLC training with Visions,” says Danielle Giese, Case Manager in the Special Education Department. “It was exciting to finally start digging in and doing the foundational work. Becoming a PLC will take some creativity and innovation in our unique setting, but it will have profound and lasting effects on our learning and teaching, and ultimately in the lives of our students.”

The PLC model will continue to be applied to Visions’ instructional systems moving forward, benefitting students and families by bettering systems of support, transforming school culture and sustaining school improvement. Visions looks forward to continuing this work with Solution Tree throughout the 2023-24 school year to ensure all staff are trained on the strategies that Visionaries will be using to become a PLC.

Click below to check out some photos of Visions staff hard at work!

Solution Tree is an organization dedicated to transforming education through empowering educational leaders. You can read more about Solution Tree’s mission and initiatives here.