Wearing a light blue striped shirt, Nick Micheels poses for a selfie.

It’s “Lego” not “Legos”: A Spotlight on Office Staff Member Nick Micheels

Update: Nick’s Twilight set has officially been approved by Lego for production! He will continue to meet with the Lego Design team to work through the specifics, but you can expect a Twilight Lego set to hit the shelves sometime in the future! Congratulations, Nick! Check out the official announcement here.

Nick has always loved building things. Here at Visions, he builds spreadsheets as part of his role as Administrative Assistant for the Home School Academy. At home, he builds Lego sets.

But being part of the Adult Fans of Lego community goes way beyond just building the sets. For Nick, his fun starts all the way at the beginning – the design stage.

“During COVID, I came out of my ‘Dark Age,’ which is the time between childhood and adulthood when you abandoned Lego for your teen years. I started buying Lego sets again and was amazed at how far the design process had come,” says Nick. “Then I found Lego Ideas, which is a website where you can submit your own design ideas, and I got into voting on sets that I liked. Eventually I decided that I wanted to do something like that too.”

Using a free software called Studio, Nick started to play around with building different sets. His first was a Sherlock Holmes set, which he posted on the Lego Ideas website. At the time, it didn’t gain much traction, and he didn’t post anything again for two years. Then, Nick hatched an idea that would make it all the way to the Lego Design team themselves.

“I’m a nerd about Twilight. I used to hate it, but then I saw how good Lego is at making something that’s for kids work for adults too,” Nick shared. “I thought this concept would translate well with Twilight, so I started building a set based off of the movies.”

He began by creating the second floor of the Cullen house. He then made minifigures of some of the major characters, including Edward, Bella, Jacob and Carlisle. After the set was complete, Nick submitted it to Lego Ideas. Soon after, he went to put it on Reddit, but was amazed to see that somebody else had already posted it. It had also been published to a Twilight Facebook page that currently has 490,000 followers. It had even reached TikTok, where one video got 406,000 likes. In less than 2 days, Nick’s set had reached 10,000 votes on Lego Ideas, which means that it will be presented to Lego as an option for development.

“Lego will review any 10,000 vote sets and do a mock build,” shares Nick. “If it’s a good fit, they will announce in Fall if they’re going to make it a set!”

Building His Future Brick by Lego Brick

For Nick, this is just one of the many accomplishments that he’s used his personal and professional attributes to achieve. Apart from his set building, he would love to one day go into business analytics, a goal that the Instruction department at Visions has helped him nurture by giving him specific tasks tailored to this skill.

“I’ve always been super analytical,” says Nick. “I like projects where I can build out or expand different tools, which is why I love the projects that Sarah McFarland, Director of Instruction for Independent Study and University Prep, gives me in my current role. I think this mindset transfers over to my Lego set designing as well.”

Edward Cullen and Jacob

Nick’s love of Lego reminds us all that we can embrace our inner child, and shows how passions and professions can intersect – something we strive to cultivate with our students here at Visions.

“I’ve taken on projects here that I didn’t know how to do, and had to kind of build the confidence to feel like I could learn it and figure it out,” says Nick. “This translated into the confidence to be creative outside of work as well.”

So what are Nick’s plans for the future? One is to continue to design sets, like his newest Landscape Photographer set, and build his Instagram page. He can’t wait to continue coming up with new ideas and appreciates any support he can get!

“Who knows?” says Nick. “Maybe one day I’ll even do a Visions set…”

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