Student learning from home to escape the drama of traditional high school.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Check Out Our New Commercials

We are always looking for ways to share our flexible, at-home learning options with students and families in Northern California. So we made some fun (and informative) commercials about our school to help spread the word! 

We focused on the top three reasons many of our high school students enroll with us:

  1. Flexibility – choose your schedule or work a part-time job.
  2. Learn from the safety of home – escape the drama of traditional high school!
  3. Enrichment activities – use your free time and budget to learn something new.

Watch the commercials below and see how students, Sam and Monica, personalize their learning.

Thinking of someone that may be interested in Visions In Education? Share the videos with them so they can learn more about online high school and get enrolled!