Blue and white sign with the word Enrollment on it on the wall at the Visions building

The Unsung Heroes: A Spotlight on the Visions Enrollment Department

There are currently almost 6,700 students enrolled at Visions. Despite what people may think, the enrollment process isn’t automated. Everyone who works in the department is there to help families through every step, from initial contact to the first day of school.

“As a whole, Enrollment is really three different departments,” says Rick Lilley, Enrollment Services Manager. “There’s the Call Center, which is where contacts and applications are processed. This is usually the first point of contact with families. Then, there are the Enrollment Appointments, which is where we talk to parents and confirm students’ enrollment and start dates. This is usually the last part of the enrollment process. Finally, there’s the Assignments team. They manage the caseloads and make sure that all students have a teacher.”

To make this system successful, everyone in the Enrollment Department truly does need to be a jack of all trades. Not only do they need to understand the organization as a whole, they need to understand the individual breakdown between different academies, programs and offerings so that families can make a good decision for their students.

“We do a lot,” says Mariya Puris, Office Coordinator. “It’s not just ‘apply and then you’re enrolled.’ It’s a multi-step process, and there’s a lot that goes into it that people don’t think about.”

All of this work not only supports Visions as a school, but it greatly supports parents and their students as well. Visions provides summer school, credit recovery options and other opportunities to help families through their educational journeys.

“Working for Enrollment can be stressful, but I thrive on that,” shares Robert Kane, Office Coordinator. “It’s very fulfilling because 99 out of 100 families need help, and we’re here to help them. And they appreciate it. It’s awesome.”

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