Visions’ eSports Club Captures 1st Place!

Visions’ eSports club celebrated another year of success by taking home the 1st place trophy at this year’s eSports club championship!

Started as a pilot program by Visions staff in partnership with EliteGaming LIVE (EGL), the eSports club combines STEM classes with eSport competition as incentive, requiring all students in the class to complete a certain amount of technology electives to qualify for the final competition.

“Many of our students really liked the EGL curriculum,” says Visions’ Director of Technology and club coach Uriel Gonzalez. “They’ve shown interest in technology as a result of being a part of this club.”

Smashing It

Each year, the club’s game of choice has been Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Under the supervision of Visions coaches, the e-Gaming Club met weekly online and at Visions In Education headquarters to practice and compete in ranked matches throughout the year. At the championship match, Visions students went head-to-head with their fellow club members and students from other schools.

Our team of students all performed amazingly, with Visions clinching 1st place thanks to 10th grader Ezra P.!

Congratulations to our e-Sports team on their championship win! Thank you to all the parents and family who supported our students’ success, and a big thank you to Uriel Gonzalez and Matthew Mueller for coaching our students and guiding them through this program!

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