Two Visions staff members hold the APLUS+ award with "25 years" and the Visions logo in text next to their photo

Visions Honored by the APLUS+ Network Conference for our 25th Anniversary

Visions’ 25th Anniversary officially kicks off next July, but the celebration is already getting started! At the 20th APLUS+ Network Conference hosted in Sacramento, Visions In Education was honored with a 25th Anniversary Award!

Visions, which was founded in July of 1999, is charter school #248 in the State of California (for reference, there are currently 1,336 charter schools serving more than 600,000 students). This award recognizes Visions’ longevity and place in the history of the charter movement in California.

Visions staff (Alyssa Lambert and Carl Sorenson) were on hand at the event to graciously accept the award (Left) at the APLUS+ Network Conference ceremony honoring charters that have been active for more than twenty years. Visions is proud to accept this award and proud of our 25 year history of serving students.