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Visions Stands Up for Equitable Funding and School Options

As 2023-2024 budget conversations heat up in the California State Legislature, Visions In Education is taking this opportunity to remind lawmakers why families need free public school options and why equitable funding for all public schools – including non-classroom-based charter schools like Visions – matters. Over the past few months, I have joined various members of Visions’ leadership team and Board of Directors to meet with State Legislators and their staff. In these meetings, we highlight how schools like Visions are an important option for families who need different public education options. We also advocate for equitable funding, ensuring that all of California’s public school students receive the resources they deserve. 

These efforts have been supported by our partnership with KP Public Affairs who are leaders in Sacramento advocacy. We’re thankful for the support from Brian White and Marlon Lara to help us share the Visions story and our mission to serve students.

We have been fortunate to have some great conversations with lawmakers so far. Having face-to-face conversations has allowed us to educate legislators and clarify questions about our school and make connections with lawmakers as they negotiate the state budget and upcoming bills. It’s important that our elected representatives have the opportunity to know us as their constituents who value public school options and equitable funding.

As budget negotiations continue and bills related to charter schools move forward, we will continue to advocate for legislation that supports diverse public education. As inflation and other downward economic pressures forecast a state budget deficit, it is vital that we continue to hold our elected officials to their promises to support California’s future by investing in its students. 

We will continue to share updates on our legislative work throughout the year.

Dr. Steve Olmos
Superintendent/Executive Director