Visions Tennis Students Sign National Letter Of Intent To Duke And Babson Colleges

Visions In Education is proud to announce University Prep Academy Seniors Saahith Jayaraman and Mason Nguyen signed National Letters of Intent May 8, 2024. Saahith will be attending Duke University and Mason is heading to Babson College.

Sitting five feet apart and waiting in anticipation, Saahith and Mason sat patiently waiting as a room of teachers, administrators, and family began to fill. Sporting their new university sweatshirts and hats, our Visionaries arrived in style for their College Signing Day. 

Saahith Jayaraman leaves Visions ranked as a top 4 player in California and a top 11 Nationally. 

Mason Nguyen leaves Visions ranked as a top 40 player in California.

Saahith and Mason represented JMG Tennis Academy while attending Visions where they competed alongside Mason’s younger sister Alexis, who also attends Visions and is ranked top 3 in the Nation. 

“Being a part of Visions has allowed us more time to attend competitions. Having the flexibility to make up assignments and school work after tournament weekends and practices was such a huge help. We are grateful to Visions for giving our children the opportunity,” said Mason’s mother. 

What started as a dream to compete at the collegiate level will soon be a reality for these two Visionaries.

Representing Northern California

At the young age of six Saahith and Mason were already competing alongside and against one another in tennis competitions. 

It was a day that had been years in the making for two tennis players growing up in Northern California. This is a testament to Visionaries who work tirelessly to hone their craft and find time to master the skills that have carried them to the next level. 

Applause rang through the room as teachers spoke about the determination and work ethic needed to achieve these feats. Hear what University Prep Academy Principal Christina McKinnis and School Counselor Julie Winalski had to say about the two gentlemen below.

Saahtih has been with Visions since 7th grade and enrolled in University Prep since 9th grade. Balancing a rigorous tennis training schedule alongside academics required exceptional time management and discipline. Unlike some students who might struggle with independent study due to lack of structure, Saahith demonstrates a high level of self-discipline to adhere to deadlines and complete assignments while juggling intensive training and competitions. Saahith has helped lay a foundation of success for future students in University Prep. He has proven that students can achieve as much and more through our program as compared to traditional high schools. Good luck at Duke!”

“I have been Saahith’s school counselor for the past three years, during which he has demonstrated tremendous focus, drive, and initiative as a high school student. He has successfully navigated a rigorous academic pathway, including honors and dual enrollment classes, all while maintaining a demanding athletic training and competition schedule. Combined with his inherent work ethic, these qualities have become his defining strengths as a student.”

“Mason started with Visions in 6th grade and returned for University Prep in 11th grade. Mason has demonstrated a high level of self-discipline in order to complete coursework while also managing a rigorous tennis schedule. Mason has completed the highest level of math with University Prep and extended his learning into Math 401 at the community college. Math is one of the most challenging subjects in independent study as it requires students to seek out additional resources and support as they move up into more difficult math concepts. While Mason could have met the A-G requirement by completing IM3, he pushed himself beyond that set requirement and now has his first college math course completed. Good luck at Babson!”

“Mason has been a student at University Prep Academy for a total of two years. He has pursued an intensive academic plan that includes honors and AP coursework, all while managing daily training and travel for local and national tournaments. His diligence, proactive approach, and determined motivation have been instrumental in his success both on and off the court throughout high school, and these qualities will undoubtedly translate well into the realm of college academics and athletics.”

“To both students, congratulations on this incredible milestone! As you step into this exciting new chapter of your life, I want to remind you of the remarkable qualities that have brought you here: your dedication, your perseverance, and your passion. College will present you with new challenges and opportunities, both academically and athletically, and I have no doubt that you will rise to meet them with the same strength and determination you’ve always shown.  Embrace the journey ahead with an open heart and mind, knowing that each step you take, no matter how difficult, is leading you towards your dreams.  Stay focused, stay driven, but also take time to enjoy the moments. Build lasting friendships, explore new interests, and create memories that will last a lifetime. College is not just about the destination, but the journey itself.”

“For both students, the involvement of dedicated parents who have supported each student’s tennis development suggests a strong support system, which can greatly contribute to a student’s success in managing their dual commitments to academics and athletics. This support has played a critical role in helping Mason and Saahith navigate the demands of an independent study program while pursuing their athletic goals.”

Visions would like to wish our tennis stars the best of luck as they enter the next level of their athletic and academic goals. We know you will continue to make us Visions Proud!

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