Zombies, Meet Your Match: Visions’ Drama Club Takes On The Apocalypse

On Friday, May 31st, Visions In Education’s Drama Club performed, “10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” in front of a live audience. 

A comedy; this play revolves around the idea of a zombie apocalypse coming to life. Thespians were put in the situation of rampaging zombies, needing to be quick-witted in decision-making while writing the ultimate guide on survival.

Knowledgeable and armed with their books, the characters used different means of defense such as throwing the slowest person down first, roasting the zombies with light humorous insults, and therapy sessions with a zombie collegiate expert.

This hilarious show was directed by Visions teacher, Leslie Simpson. Simpson organized rehearsals with students and also built custom sets for the play!

In addition to the set design and acting, the audience was treated to live music and sound effects to accompany the show. Visions student and pianist Desmond N. composed original music and performed as the Accompanist.

Narrators Tori F. and Aliannah R. kept the pace for the play as our characters focused on staying alive! Actors Jonathan R., Jade J., Hailesalausie R., Lyrik R., Peitiula N., Aniyah T., Mariah T. and Maeve N. delivered a wonderful performance for our Visions community.

View our photo gallery below to see more pictures from the play!

Thank you to Tania H. and Mariana R. for capturing these photos.

Our audience walked away knowledgeable and prepared to defend in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

Congratulations to the cast, Drama Club advisor and all who had a hand in putting together this spectacular rendition of “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.”