Curriculum Ordering

We believe in investing in technology to ensure our students and families receive their textbooks, supplies and services to support parental choice. Unlike many schools, our online ordering system allows our parents to manage student budgets & create orders 24 hours a day – every day And as a public school all of this is 100% FREE!

These systems ensure our students receive all of materials and services faster than any other charter school in the region!  Below you will find a list of leading curriculum vendors that have partnered with us to provide fully integrated student ordering systems.

Our leading edge technology featured in two Case Studies
Both Staples Business Advantage and MBS Direct have played an integral role in helping us improve our online ordering systems. To celebrate the success of these projects they have developed  case studies summarizing the challenges, solutions, and benefits of our partnerships. Please read the Staples Case Study and MBS Direct Case Study to learn more.