At Visions Nora was able to plan her life after high school while developing skills like time management and accountability. 

Student Spotlight: Aspiring Law Student Raises The Bar

I have had a lot of different ideas for careers I’ve wanted to go into over the years,” says graduate Nora G. “But they’ve mostly been centered around politics and law.” 

As an aspiring law student, Nora always took her education seriously. But in 2019 she was confronted with an unexpected challenge when her former school closed. Faced with a choice, Nora and her family sought a different school. One that would support her interests and offer her a structured path to success.

In Visions’ University Prep program, Nora found the support she needed to chart her career and plan her life after high school. She developed essential skills like time management and personal accountability. 

“Managing my own schedule was great for me,” says Nora. “Managing what work I need to get done mostly on my own was fairly natural.” 

Nora tackled her coursework with determination, working hard to progress at her own pace. As part of the Find Your Voice writing class, Nora had the opportunity to write and share her original work in a published book. She even returned to mentor middle school students after she had completed the course. She also got a headstart on her college credits with the support of her teachers and counselors, developing her French skills while earning her high school diploma. 

“My relationship with my mentor teacher Ms. Nichols was great,” says Nora. “She was very encouraging and was always very supportive; I enjoyed having her as a teacher.” 

Graduation and Beyond

Through hard work and determination, Nora was able to graduate early as part of the Class of 2021! Her goals are to work for a few years to save money for college and then attend a four-year university to complete her degree in law or politics. She credits Visions with helping to further her personal goals and help prepare her for post-graduation life. 

“Visions honestly was better than I expected for preparing me for life after graduation,” says Nora. “If I could choose to do high school over again, I’d probably decide to go to Visions sooner.”