High school graduate smiles at the camera in a park

Grad Spotlight: Where Are They Now? Lizzie A.

In 2019 we featured Lizzie in our Grad Spotlight series. We were lucky enough to catch up with her to learn about what she’s been up to since graduating from Visions!

Young Entrepreneur

Lizzie has an entrepreneurial spirit. In high school she founded Team Celebrate, a nonprofit organization that provides birthday parties to youth in foster care. Now she is the Marketing Director of EdVisorly, a startup that helps community college students transfer to their dream university.

After graduating early from Visions, Lizzie continued attending community college but had her sights set on a university. After two years she transferred to the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, but found the transfer process surprisingly difficult. 

“Throughout my two years of community college, I ended up taking many classes that didn’t transfer and I wasted lots of time and money on unnecessary classes,” said Lizzie. “Unfortunately, I am not the only student to face these problems. Only 18% of aspiring transfer students successfully transfer to a four year university.”

Based on this experience, she was drawn to EdVisorly. Starting out as an intern she’s climbed the ranks to Marketing Director. She works alongside other former community college students who are passionate about improving the transfer process to give everyone a fair chance at a college education. 

A Bright Future Thanks To Personalized Learning

“Visions gave me the flexibility and the freedom to carve out my own path, and encouraged me to be different and to accomplish my goals,” Lizzie said. “I could not be more grateful for my time at Visions and I cannot speak more highly of their teachers and students.”

Lizzie plans to continue her entrepreneurial endeavors during and after university. Team Celebrate continues to thrive with a great group of volunteers that work hard to raise the spirits of foster children. If you or your student is interested in planning your college adventure, EdVisorly recently opened up a waitlist for Seniors to sign up for support. 

We’re so proud of Lizzie’s work and we look forward to seeing her future business endeavors.

Video Bonus

Hear directly from Lizzie to learn more about EdVisorly and how Visions helped her prepare for life after high school.