Linda Graduate Spotlight female online high school graduate smiles at camera in blue cap and gown holding diploma

Grad Spotlight: Bilingual Artist Found Flexibility At Visions

Linda R. found Visions in 8th grade while researching schools that offered flexibility and extra support. She knew she needed a school that would help her pursue her various interests and goals.

Linda took honors courses and began exploring her interest in healthcare by earning her CPR certification. She’d always had an interest in the medical field but also wanted time to pursue her artistic interests including painting and manicuring. At Visions, she was able to pursue both her academic and personal interests in our online high school program.

“Visions helped me tremendously, they offered tutoring, college classes, driver’s education, honors courses and the tools I needed to achieve my goals,” said Linda.

Linda is also bilingual and was awarded the California State Seal of Biliteracy for mastering both Spanish and English. This award recognizes high school graduates who are able to proficiently speak, read and write one or more languages in addition to English.

Teacher And Counselor Support

Linda credits much of her success to her teacher, Don Bisio and counselor, Julie Winalski. Don always liked to start each week with motivational quotes to inspire his students. Julie provided the additional support Linda needed to prepare for college.

“Julie is an incredible counselor. She always makes time for her students,” said Linda. “During my senior year, she helped me and my other classmates tremendously.”

Linda graduated in 2020 and is moving on to pursue her degree in nursing at California State University, Sacramento. #VisionsProud