Home School Family Spotlight: Hands-On Learning

When Mercedes S. was six years old, her mom, Sherina, enrolled her at Visions. Having heard good things from friends, and wanting a distraction-free learning environment for both Mercedes and her sister, Lily, Sherina enrolled both girls in our Home School Academy, knowing that her daughters would be receiving a rigorous education while having the flexibility of an at-home learning environment.

“We chose home school because we want our children to learn their academics without distractions,” says Sherina. “Visions has been able to offer our girls the best education and many other extracurricular opportunities.”

For Sherina, the extracurricular opportunities that Visions offers were especially important in her choice of school. With over 600 Enrichment Vendors to choose from, Mercedes found a favorite, Dream Xtreme Gymnastics, which has allowed her to pursue her sport and her education.

“Offering Dream Xtreme as a vendor…mak[es] it possible for me to go to…gymnastics school,” says Mercedes. “I get to see my friends. I also get to do flips and tricks, and I get to compete.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Mercedes is a hard-working student both academically and athletically. Dedicated to perfecting her gymnastics skills, Mercedes has been using the flexibility of Visions and the funds received for vendors to spend her time outside of school working toward her goals with Dream Xtreme.

“I moved up two levels from last season,” says Mercedes. “This season I am motivated to work harder and I am determined to get my back handspring.”

“My daughter has always tested a grade level ahead of the grade that she is in. She is also learning to do her best in everything that she does,” adds Sherina. “She is…doing really great in her Zoom classes in the morning and excelling in her learning skills through these classes.”

Team Spirit

From her own support squad to cheering on her fellow gymnasts, Mercedes knows how to get into the team spirit. At Visions, Mercedes’ teacher, Annmarie Woehler, supports Mercedes through live instruction and in-person check-ins. At gymnastics meets, Mercedes is cheered on by her family and her team.

“I got to compete…and won first place on floor during [the] state championships,” shares Mercedes. “It was exciting. I had a good time, and I cheered on my friends.”

Mercedes likes Visions because “it is fun and…[she] gets to learn new things.” With a quality education and strong spirit leading her forward, Mercedes is sure to shine in her future endeavors.