Online high school student spotlight about Sanaa who chose Visions Independent Study program to graduate early and focus on her career goals.

Student Spotlight: Aspiring Entrepreneur Gets A Head Start On Her Dreams

An aspiring filmmaker, homeowner, and business owner, Sanaa Brooks is keen to get a head start on her dream life and willing to put in the hard work required to get there. So when the time came to choose a high school that would allow her to work at her own pace and pursue her entrepreneur dreams, Sanaa and her family chose Visions In Education

“I chose to come to Visions because I wanted to graduate early and the school I was currently enrolled in wouldn’t help me with my goal,” says Sanaa. Visions connected Sanaa with credentialed teacher Jessica Wall who worked with Sanaa and her family to create a schedule that helped her pursue her goals and put her on track to graduate early

Girl Boss

“Managing my schedule as a student is very exciting for me because it keeps me very busy and it challenges me,” says Sanaa. “And who doesn’t love a good challenge?” 

This go-getting attitude has served Sanaa well at Visions, and as her teacher explains, Sanaa has also developed key soft skills like communication and collaboration with her teachers. 

“Sanaa is one of the hardest working students I’ve ever had,” says Jessica. “She’s also very communicative and reaches out for questions consistently.” 

Taking the Next Step

Sanaa is currently seeking to enroll in community college to get a jump start on her college education. Her goals after she graduates include attending college, starting an AirBnB business, and pursuing her dreams of becoming a filmmaker. In the meantime, she hopes to continue spending time with the people she cares about, enjoying good music, and good films as well. Looking to the future, Sanaa is undaunted by the challenges that lie ahead and relishes the opportunity to realize her full potential. 

“The more I do and learn, the more of life I get to experience,” says Sanaa. “And the more I experience, the more prepared I am for my future.”