Chase Hand, wearing a black had and all-black racing suit, leans against a black race car with his name and number 27 on it.

Student Spotlight: Chasing Dreams on the Circuit

Seventeen year old Chase H. has been racing go karts since he was five years old. With 40 wins and 120 podium finishes under his belt, Chase is no stranger to success, and he has found just that as a student here at Visions.

“I have been at Visions for four years now,” shares Chase. “I decided to enroll because it allows me to chase my dreams and get a great education at the same time.”

Having been around racing for most of his life due in part to his father, Joey Hand, Chase knew that in order to pursue his dreams, he would need a flexible education. Now a senior in Visions’ University Prep AcademyChase has found the necessary freedoms and opportunities to receive a rigorous education while simultaneously mapping out his future.

“Visions has helped me succeed by allowing me to be flexible around my racing schedule,” explains Chase. “I…focus and get my schoolwork done so I can switch over and get ready to race.”

Click through the photos below! Chase is pictured center in the last photo.

Chase’s Personal Pit Crew

In addition to completing his school work on his own time and working around his race schedule, Chase has had the opportunity to receive assistance from his credentialed teachers, Toby Spencer and Missy Fox. Without their guidance and support, Chase would be navigating both his karts and his coursework by himself.

“It is difficult to balance racing and school. Racing is a sport that takes so much time and dedication if you really want to succeed,” explains Chase. “The two Advocacy teachers I have had, Mr. Spencer and Ms. Fox, have been a great help to me.”

The time and dedication Chase is able to put towards his racing is made possible due to the flexibility of Visions, and has put him on track to an impressive career.

“Now at the age of seventeen, I have been racing go karts all across the country at the national level. This year I have also started racing Late Model stock cars as I further pursue my career in racing,” shares Chase. “If I had to do it over again I would definitely choose Visions for my education. The people at Visions are all super nice and the flexibility is awesome.”

Want to see Chase in action? Check out his Instagram and his YouTube channel!