Student Spotlight: Marching to the Beat of His Own Drums

On Christmas morning 15 years ago, two-and-a-half year old Brayden C. woke up to see his first set of drums under the tree. A gift from his “mema” and “papa”, Brayden describes immediately feeling “a deep connection to the drums” and the way they made him feel, even at such a young age.

Three years later, Brayden began taking formal drum lessons with ABC Music. At this time, he was also enrolled in Visions’ Home School Academy, remembering himself as an active child who needed something a little different.

“I was already drumming when I started kindergarten and was a very wriggly kid, so we knew a brick and mortar school would not fit,” shares Brayden. “I was already reading when I started kindergarten, so my mom had the creative freedom to create a custom education plan that kept me interested and challenged.”

Over the past twelve years, Visions has allowed Brayden to make music part of his everyday learning. He is still taking drum lessons with teacher Jeff Campitelli, using Visions’ vendor 851 Music Studio, and working closely with his credentialed teacher, Crystal Linnet, to stay on top of his school work and plan for his future. Not being confined to a traditional school day means Brayden can set his own schedule, work at his own pace, and stay inspired to create music at any time of the day.

“Most days I will use the beginning of the day to do part of my school lessons, then I have time to pursue my drumming and music production, and at night time, I get my lessons finished for school,” shares Brayden. “My favorite part about being homeschooled is that I can take my school work anywhere I go, so I can get the real world experience as well as finishing the personalized classes I’ve selected with Visions’ Home School.”

Taking His Show on the Road

Brayden is currently in six bands, playing everything from jazz to progressive rock to metal. One of the reasons Brayden was first enrolled at Visions was due to his family’s love of travel, which Brayden has experienced through touring with his different groups.

“I have performed at the Gilman and The Cornerstone in Berkeley, Cafe Colonial in Sacramento, in Seattle on a tour, in San Diego on a tour, The Phoenix Theater, 6 Flags Discovery Park, in Ukiah, [at the] Sacramento State Fair, in and around San Francisco, and…various places in the Greater Bay area,” says Brayden.

Currently doing dual enrollment at Diablo Valley College to get his associate’s degree in Music Industry Studies, Brayden wants to pursue a career in music, including touring with his current bands and becoming a sound engineer for other groups. Brayden also has his own studio where he records, mixes and masters his bands’ songs, and wants to one day open his own official recording studio.

“With every hit [of the drums] I feel like I’m telling an emotional story and instantly letting go of everyday stress,” explains Brayden. “I would never have had the freedom to play my drums like I have and get to where I am today with my drumming, guitaring, bass playing, recording, college and my busy schedule [without Visions].”

Fun Facts About Brayden:

He started playing on stage when he was eight years old and “caught the bug.”

His longest-running band is Raccoons at the Party. They’ve been playing together for eight years.

He is Pro Tools certified, which makes him more reputable in the recording industry.

Want to hear some of Brayden’s music? Check Out his Instagram, YouTube, and these groups on Spotify: Smilin’ Violet, The Jellyfish Method and Context is King. Stay tuned for more of Brayden’s Music coming soon!