Bailey, female student stands in front of ivy covered wall

Student Spotlight: Meet the Sacramento State ATS Ambassador

Meet Bailey Flath, 9th grader and Ambassador for Sacramento State’s Academic Talent Search (ATS) program. Bailey has been a Visions student since Kindergarten and this past summer she attended the ATS program for the first time. Her enthusiasm and success in the classes earned her the attention of a professor who recommended that she become an ambassador for the program! #VisionsProud  

What is the Academic Talent Search Program (ATS)?

Sacramento State’s ATS program offers summer classes to students in grades 4 through 9. Students take the classes on campus and can choose from tons of different subjects including forensic science, graphic design, Lego robotics, Japanese, engineering, programming, broadcast journalism and much more. Students in the program meet new friends, continue learning over the summer and start thinking about their future college and career goals. 

ATS from Bailey’s Point of View

“[ATS] is a good way for students to try something new,” said Bailey. “You learn more about yourself and what you want to do.”

Last summer, Bailey took Python programming and Photoshop classes. She was able to explore the campus and get a taste of what college classes and life will be like. As the ATS Ambassador, she promotes the benefits of participating in the program, informs students and parents of the opportunity and works with Visions counselors to share information.

Hear from Bailey herself by watching the short video clip below!

About Bailey

Bailey’s family chose Visions so she could focus on her studies and also participate in extracurriculars like dance, soccer and advanced classes. She’s still figuring out what her future plans are, but participating in the ATS program and having the flexibility to explore her interests, like dance, are helping her find her way.

“We appreciate all Visions is about and provides,” said Sharon, Bailey’s mother. “I don’t think there are words to describe just how much you mean to so many families.”

Bailey credits her success to her mother and her teacher of 10 years, Heather Himmelman. 

“[Heather] is amazing,” said Bailey. “She challenges me, keeps me on track and is very helpful.”