Student Spotlight: Senior Baylee G. Commits to Baylor

Baylee G. begins each day with an early morning tumbling practice. After her session, she returns home to complete her school work, then heads back to the gym for a few more hours of acrobatics-specific training and coaching. As a lifelong gymnast, she’s used to the demands of her sport. As a future collegiate athlete at Baylor University, she’s just getting warmed up.

“I have done gymnastics most of my life. I have trained in Artistic gymnastics and then Acro[batic] gymnastics for the last six years,” says Baylee. “I’m so excited to be headed to Baylor next year and continue my academic and athletic career with such an amazing group of girls and the best coaches!”

Also a competitive crossfitter, Baylee has pushed herself physically and mentally to secure her spot on Baylor’s Acrobatics and Tumbling team. Initially enrolled at a traditional public school, Baylee knew that to continue competing while also getting an education, she needed a school that was more flexible and self-paced. For her, Visions was “the way that worked best to do two competitive sports while prioritizing school.” So, shortly after the pandemic, Baylee enrolled in Visions’ University Prep Academy, knowing it was the program that would work best for her learning style and goals.

“University Prep has allowed me to have a narrow focus on school without the normal distractions I would have at an in-person public school,” says Baylee. “University Prep helped me figure out what I want to major in…and helped me stay on track to be prepared for college. Without University Prep, I would not be where I am today and would most likely not have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to Baylor.”

Finding Her Balance

As a performer, competitor and teammate, Baylee knows what it’s like to work with others to achieve success. It’s no different here at Visions, where she receives support from her credentialed teachers, counselor and other support staff to help her balance her school work with her sport.

“I have a great relationship with my teachers and counselor and they do an amazing job helping me…achieve my goals,” shares Baylee. “I am very supported here at Visions!”

As she nears the end of her high school career, Baylee is looking forward to taking her next steps as a Baylor Bear. Over the past few years, Visions has not only helped Baylee find her path, but also reach her goals.

“Without Visions, I would not have been able to balance both school and creating a future in my Acro and Tumbling career. It gave me the flexibility and time to commit to the hours I needed to be successful in my sport.”