Visions student, Xavier P, giving a thumbs up

Visions Student Wins Hackathon Hosted by Hackingtons Code School

Now more than ever, students are pursuing computer coding as a hobby and potential career opportunity. Hackingtons Code School for Kids teaches students how to build websites, code video games and participate in “hackathon” competitions. Visions homeschooler Xavier P. won third place for his video game design at a hackathon in Pleasant Hill!

Xavier created his game using Scratch a drag-and-drop coding platform developed by MIT University. Over 40 hackathon participants relied on their coding skills to build their games. No internet is allowed during the event so the final products are based entirely on what they’ve learned and their imaginations.

Programmer Profile

Xavier P.
6th grader Xavier learned coding at Hackingtons. He codes daily and hopes to work for Treyarch, a video game development company, in the future. His winning game, Shark Defense, earned him a trophy and bragging rights. 

Congratulations to Xavier for his impressive win!