Students Give Back to the Community for the Holidays

We’ve said it a hundred times before but we’ll say it again, our students and staff have a knack for giving back. This year, Don Bisio’s University Prep students came together to raise money and collect gifts and food donations for organizations in their community.

Holiday Cheer Breakdown

  • $600 raised through individual donations.
  • 40 homeless/foster youth received gifts using the donations.
  • 150 canned items were donated to 3 food banks.
  • 27 students participated (including 1 former student).

After collecting monetary donations from friends, family and Visions staff, the students worked together to choose gifts for kids at the Stockton Shelter and the Lodi and Elk Grove Share Homes. Gifts included Fisher-Price toys, Shopkins, Legos, art supplies, play sets, gift cards and more. 40 homeless/foster youth between the ages of 11 months and 17 were overjoyed to receive the thoughtful holiday gifts.

“This week I am grateful for the holiday bags we did for the kids! I think it was a great thing that caused a lot of joy to the kids who didn’t have a lot or anything at all this holiday,” one student wrote in her gratitude journal. “That brings a lot of joy to my life just imagining the big smiles on their faces. It also makes me grateful that I was able to be a part of it. Seeing the pictures that were sent made it even better!”

Not only did these rockstar students donate to local shelters but they also collected 150 canned items to give to the Stockton Community Food BankGalt Sunshine Food Pantry and the Elk Grove Goodwill!

The students completed their service learning project in their group meetings by wrapping the donations and celebrating with snacks, raffles, games and a gift exchange. THANK YOU to Mr. Bisio and all the students that participated: Amirah A., Abdul A., Cassandra C., JD C., Lily C., Jennifer D., Deanne D., Jaydon D., Mathias D., Davina E., Frances H., Fyda J., Zaheema J., Sam J., Aminah K., Naya M., Melani N., Paul P., Linda R., Maria S., Zac S., Bella S., Destinie T., Destiny V., Justina W. and Maya Y.