Student Clubs and Events

Student Activities – Clubs

Why should students join a club? First, it’s a great way to meet new people who share similar interests. Second, it can help develop new skills that will be useful both personally and professionally. Finally, it’s just plain fun! Being part of a club allows students to explore their passions and try new things in a safe and supportive environment.

With over 60 clubs for varying grade levels we have something for everyone, including soccer and basketball! Here’s a sample of the clubs available for students to join:

Visions offers our online high school and home school students over 20 clubs on a number of topics including running, photography, cooking, science, the environment, ASL and more

Student Events

To give our students and families more opportunities to connect we organize free in-person events for all grades! Held throughout our service area these events include educational activities, physical education, arts and crafts, counselor support, vendors and much more. Students have a great time meeting new friends and parents get to network.

Become a part of the Visions community to enjoy a flexible at-home education plus social activities and support services!