University Prep Students Collect Donations for Camp Fire Victims

The Camp Fire in Butte County is one of the most destructive wildfires in California history. During this time of need many of our students and staff found ways to help those affected by the tragedy. We’d like to recognize a group of Andrew Vanden Akker’s University Prep students that sprung into action and collected donations for the victims.

During their group meeting in November, Andrew and 10 of his students went to the Natomas Walmart and collected items using $180 in funds they had raised. During their trip other shoppers approached them to applaud their work.

“It was good for the students to be reassured that they were making a difference,” said Andrew.

This effort helped the students learn to manage money and maximize donations using what they had. The goods and gift cards were given to the Rocklin Police Department for distribution.

Kudos to Andrew and his students, Laurencia Q., Carlos C., Daniel C., Jen G., Jessika N., Jacob B., Sam B., Tomie T., Ella S. and Angie S. for their compassion!