The Successful Visions Student

TK-12 Home School Academy Program

Successful Families:

  • Understand and value state standards and incorporate them into the student’s learning plan
  • Provide adequate assessment measures that provide ongoing grading
  • Select curriculum to best support student’s learning style
  • Participate in group enrichment and social activities
  • Create a fixed schedule (semester, week, and day) and allow limited interruptions during the school day
  • Work well together
  • Support student learning appropriately
  • Meet with their credentialed teacher as scheduled and have school activities every day
  • Closely monitor and challenge their students
  • Add creativity to academic rigor moving beyond the textbooks to enrich the learning process
  • Provide variety in the learning techniques

Successful students:

  • Have high expectations of themselves in terms of the quantity and quality of their work
  • Have or develop clearly defined goals, self-discipline and determination

Independent Study High School Program

Successful students:

  • Devote at least four hours a day to studying in a quiet place
  • Are organized and manage their time well
  • Have enough motivation and determination to work and learn independently
  • Take ownership of their own success
  • Keep school a high priority
  • Establish a set academic schedule or routine
  • Are resourceful and take advantage of Visions’ academic support services
  • Have positive academic and social outlets
  • Have a caring adult who monitors their completion of work

University Prep High School Program

Successful students:

  • Familiarize themselves with the course design
  • Organize assignments in a schedule
  • Attend all required student meetings and labs
  • Stay in touch with teachers
  • Be aware of class materials
  • Set deadlines and stick to them
  • Time tests wisely
  • Maintain a study area
  • Parents/Guardians check Gradpoint daily to monitor learning progress.