February is Black History Month

Since 1976, February has been recognized as Black History Month, a time to honor and celebrate African Americans and their role in our country’s history. The origins of Black History Month date back to shortly after the abolishment of slavery and have evolved into the nationwide commemoration of Black history and experience that we know today.

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Hear from Visions’ Black Student Union

BSU at Visions gives students the space to engage in activities and discussions designed to help foster a better understanding of experiences and issues that impact African-American students. In the spirit of Black History Month, advisors Alexia Thomas and Dominique Asuncion asked the club what BSU means to them – hear what they had to say below.

“The BSU is a very safe community and a club where I’ve met new people, created affirmations, and much more already. What has stood out the most to me so far was The Wiz field trip and the Umoja presentation. The field trip was a lot of fun and I’m so grateful that the BSU gave me the chance to see a Broadway show. The Umoja presentation was educational and inspirational, it made all of us emotional and was very moving. When joining the BSU, I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but I wanted to get more involved with Visions, my community, and learn more, which is exactly what was provided for me. Soon after joining the BSU, I wanted to be an elected official and became the Historian role because I would like to help my community, research events, and overall further my education. As a Black high school student, the Black Student Union means a lot to me and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to join. I’m super excited to attend more meetings and do more within the club.” – Stephenie F., Historian

“The Black Student Union is a space for students to come together and discuss the history and future of the African-American community. As Vice President, BSU has given me the opportunity to assist my peers and use my voice. During every BSU meeting, we take the time to chant affirmations. The affirmations remind us that people of color are strong and hold importance. Visions In Education’s Black Student Union is a judgment-free club for African-American students to gain new views and opportunities.” – Lyrik R., Vice President

“The Black Student Union club is a place where individuals can comfortably express themselves and feel a sense of community. As the BSU club President, I appreciate the given opportunity to help inform others on the various social, historical, and cultural experiences of African Americans. The BSU club hosts numerous fun activities, events, and discussions. African American students have the chance to learn more about where they come from, find their voice, and gain helpful information on how to navigate life. I enjoy the connections that the club fosters. Recently, BSU partnered with guest speakers from Sacramento City Community College’s UMOJA program. The speakers provided information regarding opportunities available for African American college students. At Visions, the Black Student Union club fosters Black Excellence and helps students pave the way for African American advancement.” – Aliannah R., President 

Get Involved

Thank you to the Black Student Union for sharing your voices. If you’re interested in joining BSU or one of our other 20+ clubs, learn more about our clubs here.

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