Visions Community Enjoys A Blast From The Past at Living History Event!

Earlier this month, students and families had the opportunity to travel back in time and experience history first-hand at our Black History/Living History event. 

Students were instructed to choose a historical figure who positively contributed to history. Once selected, students worked on project boards with facts, trivia, research and details that surrounded their figures. 

Before in-person meetings were affected by the pandemic, Living History Day was in high demand. Bringing this event to life post-COVID was a goal for Principal Edwina Cirelli, “It was wonderful to have the opportunity to bring it back in person this year, and to combine it with Black History Month.”

Our Black Student Union Club set up a table with free school supplies and drawing activities for attendees to draw inspiration from African American leaders in history. 

As families arrived, they were greeted by costume interpreters and were encouraged to explore all “exhibits”.

Visions hosted two rounds of figures totaling 22 total participants. Students dressed as their figure of choice to represent their project board as our audience of staff, parents and guardians walked around the room stepping on homemade paper plate “buttons”. 

Fashion First

Presenters waited nervously for someone to step on their button before starting a small pre-written script talking about their figures’ lives. Figures spoke about what types of meals were popular during their time periods and what past generations overcame to be successful in their fields. 

“The student presentations were really well developed, giving parent educators as well as students ideas for presentations next year,” Principal Cirelli said, “I learned so much from students, from King Tut to Amelia Earhart, and so many more, as did all who attended.”

As students transitioned from the first group of presenters to the second, attendees were treated with a presentation, “The Spirit to Overcome”. Students were invigorated with highlights including various historical achievements and the many “firsts” achieved by African American women. Students shared their goals and were encouraged by the stories shared of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Bessie Coleman, and many more.

Students used the opportunity afterward to walk to the front of the audience and state their goals for their future professions. Students inspired by the figures and presentations actively used critical thinking skills to discover new and exciting career paths.

For Our Visions Communities

Our passionate Visions staff is committed to providing its students with unique and enriching educational experiences, and the success of this event showcases the dedication of our charter community.

Principal Cirelli added, “The lesson plans created by CT Mica Clements were well used, engaging students not only in historical research but also in practicing their oral speaking standards for all grade levels of English Language Arts.”

“Thanks so much to all the students who worked so hard on their presentations and took this opportunity to share their learning with us all!”, said Cirelli. 

Thank you to all the teachers and staff who had a hand in putting together another wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. For more information on regional events and how you can get involved click here.