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CCI, CTE & Dual Enrollment – How Visions is Getting Ahead with Community Partnerships

The 2022-23 school year was an important one for Visions, marked by success in some of our organizational objectives and efforts towards continuous improvement. One of the biggest areas that Visions excelled in was establishing partnerships with local community colleges and other community organizations. With opportunities ranging from new Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways to Early College grants to capstone courses, there are so many ways for Visions students to get ahead. Check out some of the new (and upcoming) opportunities below!

Early College

Visions has secured an Early College grant, which allows University Prep students to take 12+ units of college courses that count for both high school and college credit. This means that students will have the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate degree! We are still in the planning stages of this, so be on the lookout for more information in the future!

Expanded Dual Enrollment Programs

Visions has negotiated five dual enrollment courses at American River College and three dual enrollment courses at Folsom Lake College beginning this year! We also have dual enrollment advisors – two for University Prep and two for Home School and Independent Study. These advisors will facilitate the dual enrollment courses and be the liaison between Visions and the community colleges. Spring semester registration starts in November. If you’re interested in doing dual enrollment, please email or talk to your counselor. Also, stay tuned for NEW courses, including new CTE pathways, beginning 2024-25!

Capstone Courses Beginning 2023-24

Visions has facilitated two capstone courses – healthcare and video game design – beginning this year. A capstone course is the last class in a CTE pathway, and once a student has completed both the entry level and the capstone course, they have completed the pathway. For example, if a student completes and passes both Video Game Design 1 and Video Game Design 2, they have completed the pathway and are considered “Prepared” on the College and Career Indicators (CCI).

Cybersecurity Pathway Beginning 2024-25

Visions secured a K-12 Strong Workforce Grant that is sponsored by the California Chancellor’s Office. This grant is for a cybersecurity pathway that will begin 2024-25. We are currently still in our planning year, and have partners from SMUD, Safe Credit Union, Accenture and Sierra College who are working with us to build the program – stay tuned!